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Please find below my bank account details. If you would like to support the work I do, please make an EFT into either account.

They are as follows:

My South African banking details
Standard Bank
Branch Code 25009
CA Falconer
Account number – 071483985

MY DIGUNA German account is:
Ref: CA Falconer (CATH BEZOLD)
Sparkasse Dillenburg
Kto – Nr.(Account number): 88658
BLZ(Bank Code) 51650045
IBAN: DE53 5165 0045 0000 0886 58

My email address is visionandaffections AT

Hi All,

I have deactivated my comments box due to all the spam I was receiving from robots. Please mail me if you want to contact me.
I have changed the @ to read AT to avoid spam robots as well. Simply click on the blue link as you normally would

Thanks Cath