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NEWS – July 2012

“My God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus” (Phil. 4:19).

Alphabet book

In my first week of being back in South Sudan, it was really exciting to see people’s response to the Lopit Alphabet booklet which I have been working on for the last two years. Even the three education inspectors for this area looked at it and gave their comments. I am making the final corrections and will hopefully get them printed and distributed amongst the schools in this area.




Before we arrived back in South Sudan, the members of the Ohilang team felt it was a matter of urgency to reach many more villages than before with the Word of God. Up to now we have been achieving this goal. In our village Ohilang, at least twice a week the Word is being presented in various forms, the Jesus Film, our Moses Film, ten minute video clips which present the Gospel in Lopit, as well as preaching the Word of God. The men and our young disciple boys have also been going on foot to reach other villages that have not been reached before. The response has been incredible! Our electrical equipment in which we invested, the little beamer, Ipod and new speaker, are all charged through solar power without a generator. These have been working incredibly well and are used at least three times a week in ministry.


Within a week of arriving back, the main water pump that provides water for the village and our compound broke! We were without water for 10 days and relied on God for rain water or women who helped bring water from another village. We fetched pipes that were needed from a neighbouring village and the men worked for a whole day. Thank the Lord they were successful. We realized the importance through this process of getting our rain water tank in Kenya which Daniel went to fetch for us this last week.

Toriana in German

The publisher helping me fine tune the German version of my book made great progress this last month. Together we have successfully completed up to the end of Chapter eleven over email. There are only twelve chapters, so hopefully in the next month, it will be complete.

Rob and Cath

As you would have read in my previous newsletter, Rob and I are now in a courtship after meeting through our theological seminary and having a week together in South Africa. Both of us feel very blessed and we are grateful for technology that has helped us keep in contact as we email daily. Our love continues to grow and we are enjoying getting to know each other. Rob continues to work in his full time job as an architect and then in the evenings and during the weekends he is working hard to complete his PhD in Theology. We miss each other greatly but we both know we have projects to complete at this time and we are trusting God to help us run the race well. By the end of September we hope have a better idea of where God is taking us. I shall then update you with any further developments.

Thank you for or your prayers, support and commitment in helping us reach the unreached with the Gospel!

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