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NEWS – May, June 2012

“To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven…”(Ecc. 3:1).

Entry into South Sudan delayed

Our planned date of entry was delayed mainly due to various car parts we were waiting for from Germany. But praise God all the right parts have arrived and they can start working on the cars and hopefully have them ready to go into South Sudan next week Monday. Jordon from the USA will also be joining our team which his really exciting. God willing I will be flying ahead of the men this Thursday into Juba and then into our area in the Lopit mountains.

Toriana Books sales

The sales are going well as the South African Theological Seminary bought many as well as friends from Port Elizabeth. With the profits from these sales it helped us buy a loud 5kg speaker that charges like a laptop and does not need a genenator. This will help us greatly with when showing the Jesus Film as well as other Bible films we are bringing in. Books are now selling at the Scripture Union in Port Elizabeth, contact Paul at

They are also selling in Kenya from our DIGUNA book store in Mbagathi contact Philip at

A new season of love in Cath’s life

As many of you know I have been studying through the South African Theological Seminary via correspondence the last 3 years. Last year I wrote a paper on the Doctrine of the Church and Robert Falconer was my tutor for that assignment. He is from Port Elizabeth, South Africa. I included a lot of the work I do in South Sudan in the assignment and Rob was touched by it and asked if he could support and pray for the work is was doing. I put him on my weekly prayer teams as well as my monthly newsletters. At times he would reply with encouraging words or prayers for our ministry and the team. About 4 weeks ago Rob emailed me and asked me if I was open to starting a friendship. I had never met him but nevertheless we decided to start corresponding more. Each day our emails became more frequent and I started to include my dad and my pastor John in the process. They prayed with me and emailed me advice. My love for him was growing and his love for me as we wrote to each other each day. Then Rob contacted my dad to order one of my books and through reading it his love for me was affirmed. I felt I could not respond until I had time to meet him. My DIGUNA mission leaders agreed that I spend a week in South Africa where he met my dad and family and I met his family and church. It was an incredible week, many people were praying and we felt a peace, excitement and love for each other. Rob asked me, after a romantic dinner, if I would be willing for him to court me, I said yes! So it is official and we are both very happy. Robert’s Professor at SATS joked and asked if Rob was going to pay SATS labola (cows as the bride price) as I am one of their students! I will share more details in next month’s newsletter.

Please pray for us as I have returned to South Sudan and Rob continues to complete his PhD in theology.

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