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NEWS – March 2012

Come and see the works of God, He is awesome in His doing towards the sons of men. (Psalm 66:5)

As I have been traveling from church to church giving report backs of our work in South Sudan, I felt it would be important to also include some financial facts and information of how we have used the funds you have contributed. We will start with our building projects that consumed most of the funds, then team travel followed by Evangelism/School.




1) Building our base for our new project in a new area in the Lopit Mountains:

    -Supplies for building a large wire fence around our piece of land.
    -Tools and food for people helping us clear the airstrip.
    -The Container house – designing, constructing, building a roof, transportation.


2) An excellent solar system that supplies the team with enough power to charge our equipment day or night, as well as lights etc.

3) The store and bathroom facilities next to the Container house – finances were needed for these supplies and the transportation of cement, bricks, sand, water, roofing materials and labour to break the stones and to help build it.

4) Building of our AIC church – we bought these supplies from locals in our area:

    -Large wooden poles to support the whole structure
    -Large amounts of bamboo for the walls and roof.
    -Large amounts of palm leaves for the roof
    -Sand and water needed to mud the walls.

5) Building of the 2 classrooms of the Primary School (Community project)

    -We only provided cement and transportation of cement.
    -Also contributed financially to the 2 main builders of the school.
    -This was a community project where the community provided bricks, sand and water as well as 5 men to help with the building, which the community paid in food and finances.


Transportation of various teams that helped us in building the above as well as evangelism and Jesus Film outreaches in surrounding areas.

    -VISA costs of 100 US dollars each
    -Flight costs
    -Fuel costs
    -Servicing 2 vehicles and buying parts

Financial support

Providing some of the finances for schooling of children of local missionaries and various South Sudanese students that are in Bible School. John Kerim for example is being trained to be a pastor in the areas that we have been ministering in. (He has agreed to be included in my newsletter and even sent prayer requests)

John Kerim(The young man in blue on the right)

John Kerim was born in South Sudan and was influenced and discipled by godly South Sudanese men like Klero, Tito, Philip and others as he grew up. In the year that I came for the first time into South Sudan he was working with the local church in our area. He had a great desire to go to a very good Bible School in Kenya called Scott Theological College. A number of us prayed about it and decided to support him. He is now in his final year and has done very well each year. Most holidays he has returned to help the church. During this time he met a good Christian lady in our community and when he has finished his studies he has already put in place that he will return to help pastor the church in our areas. Some of the support you have given me I have used to help him in order to have a Lopit speaking person help pastor his own church. We are in constant communication and these are his latest prayer requests so please join us all in praying for him.
I will also be happy to be in your newsletter as we are together and it is part of your ministry…please include my prayer items too:

Prayer items:

    -That God may take me through my studies as He is using you to support.
    -After graduation next year May, that God may provide me some finances as I serve Him in our church because without it, it may destabilized my ministry. But Matt 6:33 is a good reminder to me.”seek first His kingdom and all other things shall be given to you”
    – That God may make our wedding successful. Since Lopit people want cows.

Thank you Cath
John Kerim”

TIMO(Training in Ministry Outreach) team 2013








This month we had some leaders from DIGUNA, AIM and TIMO meet in our area to survey the two villages either side of our new project area. The plan is that we build local style houses to accommodate new missionaries who would like to join this two year program. We prepare their houses and the villagers for their arrival so that when they arrive all they need to do is focus on learning the language and culture. This will lay a good foundation for the ministry we plan to do in future. Many discussions and plans were made and my leader informed me that from DIGUNA’s side we would need to raise 15 000,00 Euro. Thank the Lord 4000 Euro has been provided and we trust God for his financial provision so we can build homes for the up and coming team.

Picture of some of the leaders surveying the land for TIMO 2013.

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