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NEWS – December 2011, January 2012

If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be given to you. This is my Father’s glory that you bear much fruit. (John 15:7-8)

We have landed!

It was a combined effort of Jon, our AIMAIR pilot, the community of Ohilang as well as fellow missionaries like Clay and Tim that did the backbreaking work of preparing the airstrip. They had no chainsaws or machines just simple machetes and axes and pure sweat and muscle. Jon came a number of times to survey the airstrip and then felt ready to make his first landing. The whole Christmas team had just arrived and it was incredible to witness the maiden landing. Since then Jon has landed a number of times with small and big planes and all has gone well. Thank you Lord!

Building the Church

We have been having church in a fenced area with no roof for the last year, which is terribly wet in rainy season and very hot in dry season. Therefore we planned with Mark and the church members that it would be good to build the church with local materials. The men on our team spent days carrying bamboo and palms leaves up the mountain in 35 ° C heat! The people in the community were impressed and it built their enthusiasm to also help build the church. It was all ready for Christmas and we had a very cool service!
This year I have been busy helping the ladies mud the church walls.

Inreach is part of Outreach

All the people on our team were excellent in building relationships with the people here, despite their lack of language. This formed the foundation in reaching out to the Lopit people. We managed to partner with the AIC(African Inland Church) in various villages in the Lopit Mountain range and beyond. Some of the outreaches were to places that are only accessible by foot and the other places we went via road. We showed the Jesus Film or shared a message. I had the opportunity of sharing a message on New Year’s Eve in a combined service of Catholics and AIC members on the top of the mountain. I shared the message for 2012 of needing to remain in the vine, our Lord Jesus Christ, if we desire to live and bear much fruit.






Distributing Bibles

to an African Inland Church in a village in the Lopit Mountains

Plans for 2012

The exciting news is that I have felt led to lead a TIMO(Training In Ministry Outreach) team in this new area where I have moved with my container house in South Sudan. My heart is to see a vibrant church growing in this area, a place where new believers can be discipled. To achieve this one would need to learn the language and culture, build relationships with the people and over time develop materials that can be used to spread the Gospel. After much prayer and discussions with various leaders we decided the best way to achieve this would be through the TIMO program. ( It is a two year training program that begins with language learning and culture and then has units that include evangelism, church planting and discipleship to name a few. It will be a partnership between AIM(African Inland Mission), DIGUNA ( The Good News for Africa) and TIMO starting the middle of 2013.

Therefore this year Clay and Daniel and God willing others will help me in building the houses for this team in the two nearby villages. This year has already been full with meetings, logistics and planning for what is ahead. Pray for us all as we survey, prepare and build houses for the team that is to come.

My health

Thank the Lord that last year I only contracted malaria once, which is great. The start of this year began with malaria, praise Him I am recovering. Please pray that this year God would strengthen and protect me from malaria and other illnesses here.

My book – Toriana

You will be excited to know that as of the end of last year 14 of my books were sold. I must apologize that it seems that not all countries in the world can order and receive the book from this publisher. They emailed me this last week to say they can only send it to the following countries:

Belgium, Denmark, UK, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Canada, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Portugal, Scotland, Sweden, Switzerland, Slovenia, Spain, USA, Hungary and Wales.

Hopefully the German book will be ready by the end of Jan. 2012, as the publisher has to do some fine-tuning before it is published. The book that is being prepared for South Africa will be ready for printing by the end of the week. My dad will then continue the process of helping me getting it printed. As soon as I know details of the price and where and when it will be available I will let you all know.

Thank you for your incredible prayers and support.

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