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Rob and Cath’s June 2013 update

“…that they all may be one. As You, Father, are in Me, and I in You, that they also may be one in Us…” (John 17:21)

Our Wedding – 27th April!

On the morning of our wedding I woke up at 4am, unable to fall asleep again, I showered and opened my Bible reading which happened to be John 17. Verse 21 particularly touched me as this was our special day to get married, a day where we were going to become one before God. As I got ready with my bridal party, Rob got ready with his groomsmen and we both anticipated the day with joy, peace and excitement. The sunrise was incredible and the weather was perfect. We got married in a lovely old Anglican Church, and my pastors, Howard Wylie took us through the vows and John Basson preached the message. We were blessed by family and friends who travelled from far to be with us on this special day. It was such a wonderful day where we both saw God answering our prayers in every way. Thank you to all those who prayed for us and for all the special gifts we received. Some of it we are using for our mission trip to Kenya this month.

Our Honeymoon

Honeymoon gave me some time to relax and just be. We went to beautiful places in the Western and Eastern Cape of South Africa. We switched off our laptops and cell phones. It was a wonderful time with Jesus and with each other in God’s beautiful creation.
My honeymoon reading has been our Bible, quiet time readings by Oswald Chambers and a small book by John Piper about one of my favourite books in the Bible, Ruth. It has been incredible for me how each one has had an interwoven theme which is shaping our prayers and thoughts for our future. That theme has been “vision”.
And the Lord answered me, “Write the vision; make it plan on tablets, so he may run who reads it. For still the vision awaits its appointed time; it hastens to the end – it will not lie. If it seems slow, wait for it; it will surely come; it will not delay” (Hab. 2:2-3).
As Rob and I have prayed and waited on God, I have asked myself, “What is our vision, actually what is vision?” Oswald Chambers puts it so beautifully as we read on 2 May. He explained that having the vision of God is the source of patience because it gives us God’s true and proper inspiration. “Moses endured, not because of his devotion to his principles of what was right, not because of his sense of duty to God, but because he had a vision of God.”… “he endured as seeing Him who is invisible” (Heb. 11:27). He says further that “a person who has the vision of God is not devoted to a cause or to any particular issue, he is devoted to God Himself”.
We both have a passion and love for art. So I was delighted that during this holiday we were able to explore architecture, various art galleries and pottery houses on our travels, visiting Franschoek, Outshoorn, Graaff Reniet and Hogsback, all little country towns. At one of the art galleries in Hogsback there was a chalk board sign outside, and again the word vision jumped out at me. As I thought about these words in light of what we had read in the Bible and our daily devotion, I thought to myself isn’t it wonderful that God is the artist! He is the potter and we are the clay. We labour out of a passion and devotion to God who is our vision!

Life back at home

A week or two after arriving home from honeymoon we received the exciting news that Rob successfully passed his PhD in systematic theology. We are thrilled as this means Rob has finished with his studies and is free to now explore different opportunities where he can apply the skills he has learnt. During this waiting and preparation time Rob continues to work as an architect. I have now settled into our home and am thoroughly enjoying being a wife. I keep myself busy with my housework, my theological studies (I’m currently studying homiletics in 2nd year) and getting involved with small church projects in the community. I have had incredible opportunities to share my testimony with a number of churches in East London and Port Elizabeth and have sold many Toriana books. I also had the opportunity to lead a Bible study group with Xhosa Women at Alternatives Community Centre run by Wendy Heasley, Rob’s pastor’s wife ( They mainly care for women who are considering having an abortion and assist them with making an informed decision. They then offer counseling, skills training and support groups after they have decided to keep their babies. I had the opportunity of meeting some of these ladies and their little babies. I so enjoyed leading the Bible study and started practicing my Xhosa again. I will also be serving with the Christian ladies with a weekly soup kitchen helping the poor in our community.

Our mission trip to Kenya

On the 22 June Rob and I will travel to Kenya for 2 weeks to explore opportunities where we can serve as a team, discipling and equipping people in God’s Word. We particularly have a heart for the people of Africa so we hope and pray that this opportunity to serve with DIGUNA in their discipleship school in Kenya will work out well for us all. Please pray with us and the leadership, as we prayerfully consider this as a future ministry.

A new website

This news will be the last update on my website and we will now be putting updates on our new website

Cath & Rob’s New Year’s News – 2013

For we are His workmanship created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them (Eph 2:10).

We got engaged!

Last year was a very eventful year having begun a courtship with Robert. On the 8th of December, before sunrise, he took me to the roof of his flat above the 7th floor. He set up chairs and served me milo and muffins and then we watched the sunrise. Then Robert presented me with a card which said, “My dearest Catherine – WILL YOU MARRY ME – with all the love and affection in the world!” I said: “Yes!” Rob then got down on his knee and presented me with a beautiful ring that he designed. He put it on my finger and I loved it!

Our wedding

We will be having a morning wedding on 27th April 2013, 8am at St Paul’s Church in Rondebosch, Cape Town. There will be tea and muffins served afterwards. You are most welcome and can look at our website for more details If you are unable to see the website and would like to come to our wedding then please email me before the 14th February 2012 on the following email address

Our future

For now we are preparing for our wedding. Robert submitted his final PhD dissertation in Theology on his birthday earlier this month. I really admire how he worked a full time job as an architect and in the evening studied theology. He will continue working as an architect this year so that I can have my full sabbatical year and then we are praying into various ministry opportunities. We are exploring the possibility of joining DIGUNA and serving in their discipleship school in Kenya. We plan to fly to Kenya in the last week of June to meet with leaders and explore options there. Please pray with us as we wait on the Lord for His guidance and the work that He desires to do through us. My church has been very supportive of us during this time.

At present, my time of re-entry into South Africa has been good and we have had a wonderful Christmas with both our families. I have also had time to rest and we are now preparing Robert’s apartment where we will stay once we are married. I will also be continuing my studies with the South African Theological Seminary, as well as writing my second book. Late last year my first book, Toriana was successfully translated into German and was printed just before Christmas. Up to now 45 books have been sold. Once I start making a profit from these sales we plan to use those funds towards missions.

Thank you for your continued love, emails, financial support and all your prayers. Please also continue to pray for both of us during this time of marriage preparation.

God bless you!
Rob and Cath

NEWS – August 2012

boys well

“And the prayer of faith will save the sick, and the Lord will raise him up” (James. 5:15).


This has been a hard month with many people sick with malaria. We had two serious cases, one Madelena who was also 3 months pregnant and Afara, one of our disciples. I was grateful for all those that prayed with us. Our young disciples also prayed for their friend Afara and saw how God healed him. What was interesting is that the community observed how we used medicine but also how we prayed to God for their healing. You can see the before and after pictures of both patients – all glory to God! At the end of this month I too got malaria and had to start treatment. The chief and other leaders who came to visit to see how I was, told me that we must pray to God and He will heal me! I smiled to myself and thought it is true they are seeing and learning and are now reminding me to trust the Lord to help me recover and He will raise me up! All glory to Him.













Our water tank is full!

I was very thankful for Willi and Clay who helped to install the water tank that Daniel brought from Kenya. It took them a day to install during a period when it was dry and hot. I was concerned that perhaps the rain season had ended, but we prayed together with the children, and praise Jesus we have had a lot of rains. Our 5000 Litre tank is now over flowing!

The building of our school

I am very grateful to Kathy, Helen and Jose who organised the book launch of Toriana in London. The money raised from the book launch as well as the money donated from various parts of the world has enabled us to continue building the school of two classrooms for our village. It is a community project where the locals have made the bricks, and bring water and sand. This month they broke stones for the ring-beam. Our contribution thus far has been to provide cement and pay some Christian Ugandan builders. At the moment we have enough funds to complete the school up to ring-beam level and I am trusting God to provide the funds to purchase timber and roofing material.
I feel a bit like Nehemiah where I am praying on the one hand and building on the other. If you feel led to contribute towards the roof of the school we would be most thankful, you can reference it as “Cath Bezold School” so that I know how to allocate the funds (simple click on the icon “contribute” and you will find the banking details).

NEWS – July 2012

“My God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus” (Phil. 4:19).

Alphabet book

In my first week of being back in South Sudan, it was really exciting to see people’s response to the Lopit Alphabet booklet which I have been working on for the last two years. Even the three education inspectors for this area looked at it and gave their comments. I am making the final corrections and will hopefully get them printed and distributed amongst the schools in this area.




Before we arrived back in South Sudan, the members of the Ohilang team felt it was a matter of urgency to reach many more villages than before with the Word of God. Up to now we have been achieving this goal. In our village Ohilang, at least twice a week the Word is being presented in various forms, the Jesus Film, our Moses Film, ten minute video clips which present the Gospel in Lopit, as well as preaching the Word of God. The men and our young disciple boys have also been going on foot to reach other villages that have not been reached before. The response has been incredible! Our electrical equipment in which we invested, the little beamer, Ipod and new speaker, are all charged through solar power without a generator. These have been working incredibly well and are used at least three times a week in ministry.


Within a week of arriving back, the main water pump that provides water for the village and our compound broke! We were without water for 10 days and relied on God for rain water or women who helped bring water from another village. We fetched pipes that were needed from a neighbouring village and the men worked for a whole day. Thank the Lord they were successful. We realized the importance through this process of getting our rain water tank in Kenya which Daniel went to fetch for us this last week.

Toriana in German

The publisher helping me fine tune the German version of my book made great progress this last month. Together we have successfully completed up to the end of Chapter eleven over email. There are only twelve chapters, so hopefully in the next month, it will be complete.

Rob and Cath

As you would have read in my previous newsletter, Rob and I are now in a courtship after meeting through our theological seminary and having a week together in South Africa. Both of us feel very blessed and we are grateful for technology that has helped us keep in contact as we email daily. Our love continues to grow and we are enjoying getting to know each other. Rob continues to work in his full time job as an architect and then in the evenings and during the weekends he is working hard to complete his PhD in Theology. We miss each other greatly but we both know we have projects to complete at this time and we are trusting God to help us run the race well. By the end of September we hope have a better idea of where God is taking us. I shall then update you with any further developments.

Thank you for or your prayers, support and commitment in helping us reach the unreached with the Gospel!

NEWS – May, June 2012

“To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven…”(Ecc. 3:1).

Entry into South Sudan delayed

Our planned date of entry was delayed mainly due to various car parts we were waiting for from Germany. But praise God all the right parts have arrived and they can start working on the cars and hopefully have them ready to go into South Sudan next week Monday. Jordon from the USA will also be joining our team which his really exciting. God willing I will be flying ahead of the men this Thursday into Juba and then into our area in the Lopit mountains.

Toriana Books sales

The sales are going well as the South African Theological Seminary bought many as well as friends from Port Elizabeth. With the profits from these sales it helped us buy a loud 5kg speaker that charges like a laptop and does not need a genenator. This will help us greatly with when showing the Jesus Film as well as other Bible films we are bringing in. Books are now selling at the Scripture Union in Port Elizabeth, contact Paul at

They are also selling in Kenya from our DIGUNA book store in Mbagathi contact Philip at

A new season of love in Cath’s life

As many of you know I have been studying through the South African Theological Seminary via correspondence the last 3 years. Last year I wrote a paper on the Doctrine of the Church and Robert Falconer was my tutor for that assignment. He is from Port Elizabeth, South Africa. I included a lot of the work I do in South Sudan in the assignment and Rob was touched by it and asked if he could support and pray for the work is was doing. I put him on my weekly prayer teams as well as my monthly newsletters. At times he would reply with encouraging words or prayers for our ministry and the team. About 4 weeks ago Rob emailed me and asked me if I was open to starting a friendship. I had never met him but nevertheless we decided to start corresponding more. Each day our emails became more frequent and I started to include my dad and my pastor John in the process. They prayed with me and emailed me advice. My love for him was growing and his love for me as we wrote to each other each day. Then Rob contacted my dad to order one of my books and through reading it his love for me was affirmed. I felt I could not respond until I had time to meet him. My DIGUNA mission leaders agreed that I spend a week in South Africa where he met my dad and family and I met his family and church. It was an incredible week, many people were praying and we felt a peace, excitement and love for each other. Rob asked me, after a romantic dinner, if I would be willing for him to court me, I said yes! So it is official and we are both very happy. Robert’s Professor at SATS joked and asked if Rob was going to pay SATS labola (cows as the bride price) as I am one of their students! I will share more details in next month’s newsletter.

Please pray for us as I have returned to South Sudan and Rob continues to complete his PhD in theology.

NEWS – April 2012

“See that you are not troubled, for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. …and the Gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all nations, and then the end will come.”(Matthew 24:6,14)

Friction between Sudan and South Sudan

In the most recent world news the situation along the border between South Sudan and Sudan is not looking good. There has been fighting and bombings in the areas along the borders and the political leaders from the North and South need to come to some form of agreement concerning the oil in the South and the use of the oil pipes that run through the northern part of Sudan. We need to pray for the situation to improve. At the moment the fighting and bombing is not affecting the area in which we are currently working, which is the very southern part of South Sudan. We are taking precautionary measures and are keeping ourselves informed. We appreciate your love, prayers and support for all of us working in South Sudan to preach the gospel of the kingdom of God at this critical time. Below is a map that was from the BBC World news website. ( 12 May 2012)



I have appreciated all those who have bought my book. As you know from my previous news I had sold up to 300 books in South Africa. I only needed to sell 220 books to cover all the costs of the printing and have now been making a profit. With the profits up to now I have been able to invest in 2 solar powered laptop computers for our Kenyan pastor working in another part of the South Sudan and our Sudanese pastor that we are working with in our village. See pictures below

The sales have continued in the last 2 months. In South Africa 18 more books were sold and in Germany 19 books were sold. Thank you Lord. The German book is still a work in progress. We are currently in chapter 5 and I will let you know via my newsletter when it is ready and available to buy.

My travels in Germany

I had the opportunity to speak in many churches around Germany. I was also invited to speak in confirmation classes, children’s bible studies, youth events and a combined men and women’s Bible study evening. I was even invited to speak at a school in Lintorf, which was having an African theme. It was a privilege to have the opportunity to share about my experienes in Africa, my love for Jesus and how He can impact their lives too.

TIMO progress

After all my speaking in many churches in South Africa and Germany God has provided in many ways and I am most thankful for the support that has been coming in. In the last newsletter I explained that I am required to raise 15, 000 Euro to build the TIMO houses and up to now God has provided 6,980 Euro. Praise the Lord! Please continue to pray for His provision in this. Pray for Daniel and Clay and other men that will be joining us in preparing to build the TIMO team hut and houses in the villages.

Then the exciting news is that African Inland Mission (AIM) has interviewed and found 2 single women that are seriously thinking about joining our TIMO team.

Please pray for God to provide other single ladies and couples to join our team.

NEWS – March 2012

Come and see the works of God, He is awesome in His doing towards the sons of men. (Psalm 66:5)

As I have been traveling from church to church giving report backs of our work in South Sudan, I felt it would be important to also include some financial facts and information of how we have used the funds you have contributed. We will start with our building projects that consumed most of the funds, then team travel followed by Evangelism/School.




1) Building our base for our new project in a new area in the Lopit Mountains:

    -Supplies for building a large wire fence around our piece of land.
    -Tools and food for people helping us clear the airstrip.
    -The Container house – designing, constructing, building a roof, transportation.


2) An excellent solar system that supplies the team with enough power to charge our equipment day or night, as well as lights etc.

3) The store and bathroom facilities next to the Container house – finances were needed for these supplies and the transportation of cement, bricks, sand, water, roofing materials and labour to break the stones and to help build it.

4) Building of our AIC church – we bought these supplies from locals in our area:

    -Large wooden poles to support the whole structure
    -Large amounts of bamboo for the walls and roof.
    -Large amounts of palm leaves for the roof
    -Sand and water needed to mud the walls.

5) Building of the 2 classrooms of the Primary School (Community project)

    -We only provided cement and transportation of cement.
    -Also contributed financially to the 2 main builders of the school.
    -This was a community project where the community provided bricks, sand and water as well as 5 men to help with the building, which the community paid in food and finances.


Transportation of various teams that helped us in building the above as well as evangelism and Jesus Film outreaches in surrounding areas.

    -VISA costs of 100 US dollars each
    -Flight costs
    -Fuel costs
    -Servicing 2 vehicles and buying parts

Financial support

Providing some of the finances for schooling of children of local missionaries and various South Sudanese students that are in Bible School. John Kerim for example is being trained to be a pastor in the areas that we have been ministering in. (He has agreed to be included in my newsletter and even sent prayer requests)

John Kerim(The young man in blue on the right)

John Kerim was born in South Sudan and was influenced and discipled by godly South Sudanese men like Klero, Tito, Philip and others as he grew up. In the year that I came for the first time into South Sudan he was working with the local church in our area. He had a great desire to go to a very good Bible School in Kenya called Scott Theological College. A number of us prayed about it and decided to support him. He is now in his final year and has done very well each year. Most holidays he has returned to help the church. During this time he met a good Christian lady in our community and when he has finished his studies he has already put in place that he will return to help pastor the church in our areas. Some of the support you have given me I have used to help him in order to have a Lopit speaking person help pastor his own church. We are in constant communication and these are his latest prayer requests so please join us all in praying for him.
I will also be happy to be in your newsletter as we are together and it is part of your ministry…please include my prayer items too:

Prayer items:

    -That God may take me through my studies as He is using you to support.
    -After graduation next year May, that God may provide me some finances as I serve Him in our church because without it, it may destabilized my ministry. But Matt 6:33 is a good reminder to me.”seek first His kingdom and all other things shall be given to you”
    – That God may make our wedding successful. Since Lopit people want cows.

Thank you Cath
John Kerim”

TIMO(Training in Ministry Outreach) team 2013








This month we had some leaders from DIGUNA, AIM and TIMO meet in our area to survey the two villages either side of our new project area. The plan is that we build local style houses to accommodate new missionaries who would like to join this two year program. We prepare their houses and the villagers for their arrival so that when they arrive all they need to do is focus on learning the language and culture. This will lay a good foundation for the ministry we plan to do in future. Many discussions and plans were made and my leader informed me that from DIGUNA’s side we would need to raise 15 000,00 Euro. Thank the Lord 4000 Euro has been provided and we trust God for his financial provision so we can build homes for the up and coming team.

Picture of some of the leaders surveying the land for TIMO 2013.

NEWS – February 2011

“Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves to the work of Lord, because you know that your labour in the Lord is not in vain” (1 Corinthians 15:58).

Medical runs

The twins of Chief William received medicine, which I helped administer for slight pneumonia.

This is a ministry that has evolved as many people have come to us when they have been in an accident or are seriously ill. We have seen this as an amazing opportunity to show the Lopit people that there is another way other than going to their traditional witch doctor. We have developed a system with the men leaders of our village where Taban is responsible for keeping records of those that need serious medical attention. He brings these records to us and then we manage about 2-3 medical runs to the clinic that runs near our other DIGUNA base about a 30-minute drive away in dry season. In emergency cases we take the patients immediately. I am very grateful to Clayton who has embraced this as very much part of his ministry. Here are just a few cases where people’s lives have been changed or improved.

Ambros our watchman had successful eye surgery from a visiting eye doctor and can see much more clearly now.

Little Martin Adongi had his head seriously cut open and with the help of our doctor and clinical officer Victor he improved.


















Current building projects

It is now dry season and it is the best time to build. Therefore we have taken the opportunity to build Mark’s house on our compound. He is currently helping us shepherd young boys and girls in our Ohilang African Inland Church. He is doing a great job in pastoring the people coming to church. We are building his house out of stone from the area, cement, sand and a bamboo and palm leaf roof. We are utilizing the existing local builders in the area.



At the same time we have also joined the community in helping them build their primary school. It is starting with two classrooms. You can see from their previous classroom that they really do need better facilities especially for when the rainy season comes. The community made the bricks, bring the water and put money together to pay towards a DIGUNA truck and helped collect sand. Up to now we have contributed cement.

News hour

This last month we were able to have a better internet system installed thanks to the contribution of one of my supporters. We now have monthly costs that I will need to raise support for but it has truly helped us in the effectiveness of our ministry as well as being able to connect to family and friends more regularly. Clayton has used this opportunity to research current news events and we now have news time in the morning three times a week. We have a growing number of people joining this time. Clayton also shows them where the news is happening on a world map. The disciples that spend time with us daily enjoy this time and are learning a lot!


Last year I had a good year without being sick that much with malaria. The start of this year I really battled with malaria. I had tried various treatments but in the end had to use quinine after they found malaria in my blood after tests in Lokichoggio (the border between Kenya and Sudan). I had a lot of prayer during this time and am grateful for the prayers and have fully recovered. However I am going for further tests in South Africa.



“TORIANA” Book launches in South Africa

I was inspired to write this book that it might encourage others in their walk with Jesus and at the same time use it as a creative means to raise support for the new project we have started in South Sudan. It has been incredible how God has blessed this idea. The books sales of the English book from Germany continue to do well and I hope people are being blessed by it. There has been an increasing demand for it in South Africa. God provided funds and printing through my dad and now the book can be made available to South Africa, Australia and New Zealand and other countries that cannot get it from Germany. There will be two book launches from Scripture Union bookstores, where I will share about the book and refreshments will be available.



Joburg: Wednesday 22nd February 10:00 – 14:00
Cape Town: Wednesday: 7th March 10:00 – 14:30

The books will also be sold through Carol Profitt at my church, Meadowridge Baptist Church.

A GIFT from the Lord!

Last year I was asked if I needed another car to help with our ministry and project but I did not have enough funds for another car. The leadership in DIGUNA met together with Horst Kommerau who started investigating and looking for another car that would help us in the ministry and our growing team. Horst has shared with me that it has been an incredible journey for him starting from the family that sold the car to DIGUNA to various companies in Germany that gave brand new parts for the car at a discount price or for free! The miracles continued for us as Daniel from our team went to pick the car up from the Kenyan port and they gave it to him with no costs for bringing it into Kenya! Praise the Lord!This car will greatly help us in the ministry especially with a growing team and preparing for the TIMO team starting in 2013.

NEWS – December 2011, January 2012

If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be given to you. This is my Father’s glory that you bear much fruit. (John 15:7-8)

We have landed!

It was a combined effort of Jon, our AIMAIR pilot, the community of Ohilang as well as fellow missionaries like Clay and Tim that did the backbreaking work of preparing the airstrip. They had no chainsaws or machines just simple machetes and axes and pure sweat and muscle. Jon came a number of times to survey the airstrip and then felt ready to make his first landing. The whole Christmas team had just arrived and it was incredible to witness the maiden landing. Since then Jon has landed a number of times with small and big planes and all has gone well. Thank you Lord!

Building the Church

We have been having church in a fenced area with no roof for the last year, which is terribly wet in rainy season and very hot in dry season. Therefore we planned with Mark and the church members that it would be good to build the church with local materials. The men on our team spent days carrying bamboo and palms leaves up the mountain in 35 ° C heat! The people in the community were impressed and it built their enthusiasm to also help build the church. It was all ready for Christmas and we had a very cool service!
This year I have been busy helping the ladies mud the church walls.

Inreach is part of Outreach

All the people on our team were excellent in building relationships with the people here, despite their lack of language. This formed the foundation in reaching out to the Lopit people. We managed to partner with the AIC(African Inland Church) in various villages in the Lopit Mountain range and beyond. Some of the outreaches were to places that are only accessible by foot and the other places we went via road. We showed the Jesus Film or shared a message. I had the opportunity of sharing a message on New Year’s Eve in a combined service of Catholics and AIC members on the top of the mountain. I shared the message for 2012 of needing to remain in the vine, our Lord Jesus Christ, if we desire to live and bear much fruit.






Distributing Bibles

to an African Inland Church in a village in the Lopit Mountains

Plans for 2012

The exciting news is that I have felt led to lead a TIMO(Training In Ministry Outreach) team in this new area where I have moved with my container house in South Sudan. My heart is to see a vibrant church growing in this area, a place where new believers can be discipled. To achieve this one would need to learn the language and culture, build relationships with the people and over time develop materials that can be used to spread the Gospel. After much prayer and discussions with various leaders we decided the best way to achieve this would be through the TIMO program. ( It is a two year training program that begins with language learning and culture and then has units that include evangelism, church planting and discipleship to name a few. It will be a partnership between AIM(African Inland Mission), DIGUNA ( The Good News for Africa) and TIMO starting the middle of 2013.

Therefore this year Clay and Daniel and God willing others will help me in building the houses for this team in the two nearby villages. This year has already been full with meetings, logistics and planning for what is ahead. Pray for us all as we survey, prepare and build houses for the team that is to come.

My health

Thank the Lord that last year I only contracted malaria once, which is great. The start of this year began with malaria, praise Him I am recovering. Please pray that this year God would strengthen and protect me from malaria and other illnesses here.

My book – Toriana

You will be excited to know that as of the end of last year 14 of my books were sold. I must apologize that it seems that not all countries in the world can order and receive the book from this publisher. They emailed me this last week to say they can only send it to the following countries:

Belgium, Denmark, UK, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Canada, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Portugal, Scotland, Sweden, Switzerland, Slovenia, Spain, USA, Hungary and Wales.

Hopefully the German book will be ready by the end of Jan. 2012, as the publisher has to do some fine-tuning before it is published. The book that is being prepared for South Africa will be ready for printing by the end of the week. My dad will then continue the process of helping me getting it printed. As soon as I know details of the price and where and when it will be available I will let you all know.

Thank you for your incredible prayers and support.

NEWS – November 2011

“But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.” (Hebrews 11:6)

My book has been published

The writing of my book has been an exciting and long journey. Some people thought I was crazy, but I really had faith that the Lord wanted me to write this book. It is a book for men and women, young and old. My prayer is that it will inspire many in their walk through life. It is called “Toriana“ which means flower and is an interwoven story of my calling into missions and the adventures and miracles that I experienced. You will also discovery the journey of my heart and a beautiful love story. So if you are looking for a Christmas present for some of your friends, then here is a short story that could change their lives and the profits will go to the work we are doing in South Sudan. I want to thank Christoph Peter in Germany who has helped publish it through EPUBLI. It is a German publishing company and you can order the book online! Wherever you are in the world, just simply go to the direct link for my book here, order it, pay with your credit card and it will be posted to your door! (Except South Africa) The English version is ready and can be ordered now. The German version will hopefully be ready before Christmas, but Christoph has many deadlines and cannot guarantee that it will be ready by then. We realized that it will be difficult for my English friends all over the world to order it off a German website. EPUBLI will only have their English website ready by FALL 2012. Therefore Christoph made some very clear instructions read here . If you have any questions please feel free to email him. Mail Christoph here (Christoph Peter: For my South African friends, my dad will be getting the book printed through his printing firm in South Africa perhaps in the New Year!

The Container in Ohilang!

Container arriving


Going up

Siggi, Clay and pastor Mark working on the roof.

Sebastian wiring and installing the solar system.

Willi, working on the furniture and floor.

Over the last 6 months many people have prayed, contributed and helped me to bring my container home to Ohilang, South Sudan. I want to thank all that took part in this project. I also want to praise Jesus for rewarding me this gift of a beautiful new home. I am grateful for the men that helped bring the container here and helped design it, prepare it and build it. Willi, Sabastian and Siggi did a great job and many others helped them too. I would also like to thank pastor Mark the AIC pastor here in Ohilang. He has been an incredible link between us missionaries here as well as helping build this home with the team.




















I cannot tell you how wonderful it is when it so hot outside and I can sit in the cool of my home drinking cold juice from my new fridge, it’s incredible! Sebastian installing wiring and the solar system. Willi, working on the furniture and floor.






My dad and MC joined me in Sudan!

It was an incredible journey of faith for the three of us as we trusted God for our VISA’s. The laws in South Sudan suddenly changed and my dad and Marie-Claire(MC) had to get VISA’s at the last minute. They managed to get them from the South Sudan Embassy in South Africa in 24 hours! This was truly miraculous and my dad found out that one of the main Sudanese directors there went to his school – Pretoria Boys High! They immediatly made a connection and he helped them and was encouraged by the work that we are doing in his home country. I was amazed how dad and MC got involved in helping me in all my places of ministry. If I was cooking over a fire for the team, they were right there peeling potatoes. If I was teaching at the Secondary School or in the Kindergarten they were getting involved with marking exam papers or playing with the children. When I was running Bible Studies they were there taking part in leading worship and also helping me lead the studies. When I lived in a tent, they too lived in a tent, showered in the bush and tried to use the very simple longdrops here. My dad also had the privilege to preach in the African Inland Church(AIC) here in Ohilang. The people in Ohilang were so thrilled that my parents had come as well as the team with the container that they sent us a gift of a goat! It was slaughtered that day and we had delicious meat to eat for the next couple of days. On their return to South Africa both my dad and MC battled with their health and I am thankful that they are now recovering. I was truly thankful for the sacrifces they made and was blessed by their visit.

The BIG move!

It has not been easy for me to pack up and leave the place I have lived in for 5 years. The final closing day of the Secondary School was hard as they asked me to lead the song “Jabulani“ for the last time! I was very glad that Maggi was there and she will be taking over some of the lessons there and that encouraged all of us as a staff. Maggi also joined me in the last bible study groups that I have been having every week. We decided to close the young boys Bible study as they are becoming young men and can be discipled by people like Joshua in the Secondary school. Maggi decided she wanted to take over the ladies Bible study with a focus on helping the young women, mothers and wives. She will continue to run them in the home of one of woman that been a faithful member of the group, Deborah. It was wonderful to participate in the closing ceremony for the Primary school and Kindergarten and many of our students progressed very well and have been promoted to the first class in the Primary school for next year. One oft he little girls “iJeni“ who I helped deliver in the clinic a number of years ago is top of her class together with her brother Ohide as seen in the picture below with their father Alberto. I will still continue to be involved in overseeing the staff of the Kindergarten once a week next year as well as visiting the DIGUNA team and missionaries for our regular prayer meeting on Wednesdays at 4pm at the Matusiks home. I would like to wish you a blessed Christmas and an exciting 2012! Thanks!”

The December team

This Christmas and New Year we have a wonderful team of people from all different parts of the world. Our main focus will be building the local church here in Ohilang with local materials. Some of the young men will do a survey trip through the mountains to explore and visit villages that have not been reached. We will also be doing a small outreach to Mora Lopit. So pray for us that we will be able to reach many souls for Jesus this Christmas.!

NEWS – October 2011

“Therefore we do not lose heart. Even though our outward man is perishing, yet the inward man is being renewed day by day. For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, is working for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory” (2 Corinthians 4:16-18)

The Container for Ohilang

We have had to face many challenges concerning the container. The first was that the exemption papers we had applied for with the African Inland Church were rejected by the South Sudan governement and we were told we have to pay whatever the customs office at the border requires us to pay. Please pray with us for God’s grace, that the border officials will not charge us huge amounts of money. We are really trusting God for a miracle. Daniel and Clayton have gone ahead of the container and have safely arrived in Lokichoggio, the border town in Kenya. Pray for them as they prepare the vehicle and arrange to drive it into Sudan to pick up church pastors that will help with negotiations at the border. Pray that they will build good positive connections at the border.

Siggi, Basti, Willi and other the DIGUNA men serving at our Nairobi base have done a great job in repairing the truck. Praise God the truck passed the road inspection. This enables them to drive it legally in Kenya and into Sudan. They were also able to load the container successfully onto the truck and have been loading it this last week. Please pray for road safety as they travel.

Pray too that while they travel, God will give them opportunities to share about Jesus as people ask questions about the colourful bible stories painted on the container.

Time in Germany

It has been a very special time in Germany with different church families and the Bezold familiy. I also had to have two small operations, one was on my forehead and another a lump on my chest. Thank God the results came back negative for cancer. The doctor discovered that the lump on my chest was caused by a mosquito bite in the muscle. It was very painful but I am thankful it was successfully removed and my wounds have healed really well and you can hardly see that I had surgery!
I was also blessed by many supporters that helped me buy more Kindergarten equipment and Bible story books that can be used by the new Kindergarten in Mura Lopit. I even received really nice toys and cars from a Turkish family in Germany for the children in Sudan.
One of my highlights was the opportunity to attend a weeks training that will help me in leading teams. It is called a SYIS(Sharpening Your Interpersonal Skills) Workshop. It was highly recommended that I attend this training if I was going to lead further team in Sudan. It was an excellent workshop and leaders and missionaries from 15 different mission organisations across the world participated. I learnt many skills from experienced missionaries and leaders and I am excited to apply them in future. It was a refreshing time.

New laws in South Sudan have caused a massive increase in costs!

There are two major changes. Firstly, the VISA cost for one year is now 400 US dollars! Volunteers also have increased VISA costs. As you will read here above.
Secondly, we can no longer fly directly to our destination. We have to now fly through Juba first, this increases flight and accomodaiton costs.

We cannot lose heart!

This weekend as I was trying to email and write my news update my computers screen went white and then black and for a full 12 hours refused to work. This was the last straw for me and I sent an sms to friends around the world to please pray as I really felt I was under spiritual attack. I find things go unusually wrong all at the same time a few days before I plan to return to Sudan. I even laid hands on my computer and asked Jesus to please fix it! My flight to Kenya was the next day. I was then encouraged. Within an hour of me sending sms’s suddenly my screen came back to life! It now has a kind of red frame as you will see in the picture – a reminder that there is power, power wonder working power in the blood of the Lamb! Thankfully I was able to write this news update and get it emailed. I am trusting God to provide a solution to get my computer fully fixed as it vital for communications in Sudan. So please pray.

NEWS – September 2011

“For you formed my inward parts…your eyes saw my substance being yet unformed. And in Your book they were all written, the days fashioned for me.” (Psalm 139:13a,16)

Babyboom in Lopit!

Baby Carol

Baby Tim

Baby Toriana

This last month a lot of babies have been born and when we worked out nine months back we realized it was around the time of the referendum when everyone was voting for independence and were celebrating. What was very special is that each of us has built good relationships with different Lopit people who wanted their baby named after each member of our team. So we now have a baby Carol, Tim, Clay and Toriana (my Lopit name which means flower).
Another special story is about “Sunday“ our cook from the Kindergarten. She had tragic complications in her previous birth and lost her first baby and in the process became incontinant. Thank the Lord my aunt Alison in Australia connected with Mark and his team from the Hamlin Fistula Centre in Ethiopia and they helped us together with the AIC church leaders to get her to Ethiopia. She had successful operations and was healed. She was told to wait 2 years before trying again to have a baby, but she fell pregnant after a year. When I emailed the doctors in Ethiopia they said she had to have a cecerian. We decided with the clinical officer Victor and the Sudanese midwives working in our area that the best would be for her to be examined in Torit. The doctors and nurses where very good at the maternity ward there and told us she had to come at least one month before the due date. We were able to drive her there with family members a month before and we prayed together and trusted God for the best. Victor our clinical officer in our area came to check on her from time to time when he was in Torit. The good news is she had a successful cecerian and has a healthy baby boy. His first name she named him „Obula“ which means cut out of the stomach! The second name is Victor which is after our clinic officer that helped her so much.

An anxious time ... which turned to joy

Developments in Ohilang

Airstrip in progress

Building in progress

It has been a full time for the team and despite all the good rains we have had they have been able to successfully complete most projects. The poles and barbed wire for the fence was successfully completed around the whole property. Our plan for the airstrip was to make sure we worked on it together with the community. They needed to be in their gardens for a lot of the time so we were not able to complete it all but there has been good progress as you will see in the picture above.

Luxury shower

Jon from AIMAIR also helped us with contructing water containers with shower heads. So now we have two showers with the best views in the world! They are a bit tricky to fill each time but they were a joy for us all. In addition to that the team was able to build a kitchen hut and a pyot which we can use for meetings, bible studies and dinner times and it was extremely useful especially with all the rains.






Out of relationships come ministry opportunities

Soccer time

Tim preaching

Both Clay and Tim have had opportunities to preach and have brought challenging messages to the Ohilang congregation. Tim was able to have some time playing soccer with the children and that too brought many young boys to the Sunday school the Sunday after the soccer matches. We were also able to show the Moses film we made last year in Iboni and many came to watch it and we took the time to present the gospel to them. A new African Inland Church is forming there and it was a privilege to be able to show the film in this new church built under trees.

Film time


Tim will be returning to Germany and Carol will be returning to South Africa as their time they committed to serve with us is over. We will miss them and we trust God for how he unfolds their futures. I have to return to Nairobi for the DIGUNA mission’s conference and then to Germany as the government requires me to return within a 6 month period. All my weekends are already booked to speak in various churches in Germany and I look forward to seeing you all. I will also be working on printing the Lopit Alphabet books that we have put together with the help of Russ from AIM, community and school heads, and language helpers. During this time Clay will help Dr. Eva in different parts of Kenya.

God willing Siggi, Basti, Daniel and Clay will be returning to Ohilang Sudan with my container house at the end of October. Please pray for the processing of the government papers and for Siggi who is still servicing the truck and for the truck’s inspection before they travel.

We know that our family members and churches pray for us often and we really want to thank you for being part of our team. Many on the team were sick with either malaria, sinus or respiratory infections or stomach problems and we are all well now. Thank you Lord. We have also travelled a lot on the roads the last months through really bad weather and slippery roads and we are thankful that we were protected from harm and that the car is still running which is a miracle.

September Praise

  • Praise God he pulled the team through various sickness like malaria, respiratory infections and colds.
  • Thank Him for keeping us safe on the roads and in our tents through big storms.
  • Praise Him for the ministry done in Ohilang and Iboni and pray that the seeds sown will grow in their hearts.
  • Thank the Lord for the team that helped us start the developments for this project.

  • NEWS – August 2011

    “Trust in the Lord with all your heart….

    ….and lean not on your own understanding: In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths.”
    (Proverbs 3:5-6)

    The Ohilang team

    God has worked in incredible ways in forming our team. We have Clayton from American who is with us for two years. We then have Tim from Germany who comes from my church in Germany and was in Martin’s Sunday school years ago. We then have Mark Otwari who was born in Ohilang, trained as a Bible Student in Ye, is married to one wife Ifara with their little girl Esther. He has been an incredible member of our team and is our AIC representative. Then we have Bethlehem and Ichayo from pastor Beda’s family who are our cooks and helpers. Carol and I help them manage the kitchen. Lastly we have Martin an older man who has been faithful in helping us and has become our watchman and a good friend of my dog Samson.
    During the day they have spent the time building the fence around our property together with the elders of the AIC and members of the community. They have also put a lot of energy in clearing the airstrip. In the evenings they spend time in the village visiting people and building relationships.
    There have been a number of details with the container house in coming into Sudan so we have been living in tents these weeks and have a small palm leave thatched kitchen.

    The Container house

    I thank God for all the people, carpenters and painters that have helped me to complete the container house in Nairobi while I have been in Sudan. It has been ready for about a month now but a number of things have delayed it coming into Sudan.
    Firstly we were informed by my leader David from DIGUNA that the two trucks that would have been used to bring my container house into Sudan this month needed to be used to bring food to the starving people in the drought areas of Kenya. We fully supported this decision as we felt starving people were more important and we were happy to wait for God’s timing.
    Secondly during the food distribution runs the truck that was planned to bring the container house into Sudan broke down and now needs serious repairs before it comes to Sudan.
    Thirdly the main road from the Kenya border into Sudan is not safe to drive at the moment and there have been reports of more violence around the Camp 15 area along the route to Ohilang. So we have to wait and pray.
    Lastly we just heard this week that there is a slight hitch in the processing of the Government exemption papers for the container coming into Sudan and it will take about a month to clear.
    So we really need your prayers that God would make a way for it to come into Sudan safely. Please pray for us as we trust in Him and not on our own understanding.

    The registration of the AIC Mura Lopit Pre-primary School

    This month we have also spent time helping the AIC Mura Lopit Pre-primary School to set up and to be registered with the government. It has been a joyous and exciting time for us as we set up all the equipment and 43 children were registered by their parents. The school was officially opened on the 12 August. The three teachers that Carol trained have done exceptionally well and the three government inspectors we very impressed with the school and agreed to register our school on the 25th August 2011. It was very rewarding for us all.


    God works in wonderful ways

    Before we left for our mission to Mura Lopit I received an email from a retired missionary from AIM who used to work in these Lopit Mountains during the 50’s.

    “Dear Cath,
    I felt I must write to you because I am rejoicing that you have made contact with people in Mura Lopit. We had quite a bit of contact with those people in the 50s. I cared for an orphaned baby until he was about 9 months old and from time to time after that. He was named Benjamin Lekoi. He had a sister by name of Itwari. She also cared for him since his mother had died when he was born. I had a few contacts with him when he was a bit older and once when he was fully grown and we had moved to Juba. He came to see me there. But I could never talk to him much about spiritual things. He just didn’t seem to understand Otuho and his language was quite different. I have prayed for him for many years….Love, Martha”

    Well you won’t believe it but God made a way for me to meet him while we were in Mura Lopit and as I can speak more Mura Lopit, I was able to present the gospel to him. At that point he decided to make a commitment to Jesus Christ and together with pastor Julius from the AIC there we prayed with him. We were thrilled to share this great news with Martha and this was her response:

    “Thanks so much Cath for your message about Benjamin. I can hardly believe it as I have prayed for him for so long and I nearly gave up. But when I heard you were going to Mura lopit, I began to have hope again. So he heard the message and believed!!!!I do thank you so much for finding him and telling him about Jesus. Give him my greetings and tell him I am so glad he has believed. Thank Julius too for his part. It is surely a wonderful answer to prayer.
    Lots of love in Jesus, Martha”

    God takes care of everything!

    During this month we also had to make a visit to Torit to get my tyres repaired and to get a few supplies for our work in Ohilang. It was wonderful for us to stay with our missionary friends Russ and Lyn Noble and we had a good time with them. While we were there it was around 10p.m and we were all watching a movie when Clayton went to the long drop and by mistake dropped my keys down the this long sticky pit. When he came to give me this news, thankfully I was in good spirits and I said with God’s help we could get them out. It was very challenging for Clay. We both equipped ourselves with rubber gloves and I stood with a blocked nose, a flash light and a lot of prayers! Tim stood by with a camera while Russ helped Clay cut the bamboo pole and put a nail in it to get the key out. After an hour and a half praise God we managed to get it out. This whole episode reminded Russ of an incident long time ago when his missionary house mate felt their long drop smelt really bad and he went to put a match down the, long drop to improve the situation. Russ said shortly after that there was a big explosion and his friend came back with his hair all blown back saying that that was incredible! Long drops are pretty explosive if you ask me!!!


  • Praise God for protecting us in all our travels this month
  • Thank Him for the salvation of Benjamin Yekoi and pray for his growth in the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Praise Him for the fellowship and work done in Ohilang
  • Thank the Lord for the successful opening of the AIC Mura Lopit Pre-primary School and for the government registration.

  • NEWS – July 2011

    But we have this treasure in jars of clay…..

    “… to show the surpassing power belongs to God and not us.” (2 Corinthians 4:7)

    The 9th of July was Independence Day in South Sudan and they sang their national anthem with all their hearts ending with the words, “Oh God bless South Sudan!’ Thank the Lord that our part of Sudan was peaceful, God was praised in many speeches we had that day as we celebrated with all the people and school students. During this time we have had various encounters with political leaders and it has been a privilege to meet them and celebrate their independence together with them. On one occasion we met the commissioner of this area and we presented him with our South African flag and he was touched. We even were able to pray together at the end of one of his speeches.

    The Kindergarten training was successfully completed!

    We praise God that He gave Carol strength after recovering from malaria to complete the teachers training. The teachers had a lot of fun and learnt many skills. They were presented with certificates this week, we also had our first male teacher being trained and he also did extremely well.

    We trained people from three different areas of the Lopit Mountains and will be helping them set up their Kindergartens in their areas over the next month. So please pray for that with us.

    This text is green

    A special story!

    When we went to visit Mora Lopit where one of the Kindergartens will be starting. We met a man by the name of Daniel. He is blind but makes the most beautiful palm leaf mats. We were told that he preached to many people that came to visit him and we asked him how he managed this if he couldn’t read. He had memorized sermons he had heard and retold them. God had blessed us over the years with a wind up tape recorder and bible story tapes and we felt led by God to give it to him as a gift. It was wonderful for us to see his joy as he heard each Bible story from the wind up radio.



  • Thank God for peace during Independence Day in this part and other parts of South Sudan.
  • Praise the Lord for good encounters with various political leaders this month..
  • Thank Him that the Kindergarten training was successfully completed..
  • Praise Him for the good visit we had with one of our DIGUNA leaders David..
  • Thank Him for the rains we have had and for safe travels on the roads..

  • NEWS – June 2011

    I will build my church

    “….on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it!” (Matthew 16:18b)

    One of the AIC (African Inland Church) bible students read this verse last weekend in Ohilang before Klero preached. The whole village of Ohilang is built on one big rock and the church is built at the entrance to this village. It was very encouraging for me this month.


    Samson my dog has found himself a job. On week days he joins the Sohot community on their farms and helps chase monkeys and animals away. On weekend he joins us in Ohilang, sleeps outside our tents and keeps us safe from wild dogs, leopards, cows and even a vulture! We have lived in tents through heat and rain on the piece of land the men leaders of Ohilang have given to the AIC for me to use. We have had many visitors and we have helped the local community on their farms.


    On one of the weekends a man came to visit Victor, a clinical officer who is helping me in this ministry. Victor who is wearing a blue shirt and cap is a Christian and can speak really good English, Lopit, Lotuho and Arabic. This man had bad stomach pains and Victor was able to identify a plant he had learnt about in his training on our land that could successfully treat this man’s problem. We prayed for him and sent him home with the recipe of how to prepare the plant for medicine. The next week when I saw him his stomach pain was gone and he was smiling!

    School is registered

    About three years ago Jeni Profitt joined me in the venture of starting a Kindergarten in this part of Sudan. We prepared the classrooms and Jeni brought the resources for it to start. She then did one month’s training with the teachers. On the final day of her training we had a special ceremony where Jeni planted a small Neem tree in the Kindergarten gardens as symbol of her prayer and hope that it would grow like the Neem tree.
    This last month all the head teachers of the schools were called to Torit for a large meeting with the Sudan’s government department of Education. At this meeting I was presently surprised to be handed a government book with our school name and registration number 10001! Praise the Lord! We can now pray that the government will soon have a budget for their salaries.
    Carol, Jeni’s daughter has come from South Africa to help me train more teachers for the Kindergarten, as we have had a request from a community in another part of the Lopit mountains. We decided that Carol would train half the time and the teachers we have already trained, train the new teachers. We are finding it very successful. Below is a picture of Carol, the existing teachers and new teachers being trained under the tree that her mum planted three years ago!

    For a laugh and a cry

    Carol and I have also been involved in helping teach at the Secondary school as well as running the bible study groups every Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. The boys group is now in the book of Judges and the women’s group has done some of Luke and we are working through the life of Moses. The room is often so packed that people have to stand. One evening I let what I thought were three young girls into the women’s bible study. About half way through the bible study some girls alerted me to the fact that there were three boys with us. When I realized that they were the boys from the boys bible study group and asked them to stand, we saw their skirts and we all packed out laughing! Then I thought imagine if young boys all over the world were so desperate to hear the Word of God that they would even dress up as girls to go to a women’s bible study group!
    This next story did bring tears to my eyes and perhaps it will for you. One of the bible students whose wife Susanna was pregnant had a little baby boy on the 21st June. When I arrived on the weekend they asked me what should we name him? I asked them what they wanted to name him and they said after much discussion after my late husband Martin who they called Adongi(this means mountain). So I was so pleased this last Sunday to be able to hold little Martin Adongi and prayed blessings on him and praised God for this new life!

    June Praise

  • Thank God for my car that has worked incredibly well this whole month and has helped us in all our ministries.
  • Praise the Lord for the growth and development we see in the Secondary school and the Kindergarten.
  • Thank him for the amazing rains we have had that have helped all the people during this planting season and have kept out water tanks full!

  • NEWS – May 2011

    God lives in us

    “No one has ever seen God; if we love one another, God lives in us, and his love is perfected in us.”
    (1 John 4:12)

    Cath with villagers

    It’s good to be back

    When we flew into Sudan it was raining. People told us it had not been raining for a week and they were very happy to see Carol and myself and said that we had brought the rain with us and that it was a sign of blessing. I reminded them as I walked along the path that Jesus had brought the rain for us and we should thank Him. We were given a warm welcome from the Matusik family, the schools, the church, the Sohot village and even my dog Samson. He danced around in circles when he saw me and he looks well. Many school children helped carry our food supplies up the mountain and I rewarded them with pens. A church family in Fish Hoek, Cape Town South Africa spent the last months buying cake that Milly and her mission team baked and sold to raise money to buy pens. With the money they raised I have enough pens for school students for the rest of the year!

    God knows all things

    When Stephan was fixing my car a month ago month ago, he had suggested one of my CV joints needed replacing. This information was passed onto Horst in the DIGUNA base in Germany. Horst tried to work out what was needed and took a part from an old axel that he found and fixed it up and sent it with me when I left Germany. In my journey to Kenya I passed South Africa for my best friends wedding. Her father Hannes looked at the email and explained to me that what I had brought was a free-wheel-hub lock and not a CV joint. In the process of researching I ran out of time and flew to Kenya with the free-wheel-hub lock thinking I had the wrong car part. Well when Stephan opened up the wheel he found that the free-wheel-hub was destroyed and the CV joint was fine. God knew from the beginning what I needed and provided. This meant a lot to me as I am still learning the difference between CV joints, hub locks and other things. It’s not all about just changing the oil! It’s good when we trust God in the things we do not understand, and He provides.

    The Container House

    Many hands make light work

    Many hands make light work

    From the DIGUNA Nairobi base I have had a wonderful team of people helping with the container house and am grateful to all of them. I would also like to thank all those that contributed financially which enabled me to buy all the solar equipment, which amounted to 3500 Euro. I am still trusting God for His provision for the transportation of the Container house hopefully July or August. After Willi left, Jan and Johnny as well as Basti and Moses have continued to work on it and will finish it God willing mid July to the end of August. Please pray for me and for Klero as we prepare Exemption papers with the Sudanese government to bring it into Sudan. Please also pray for the safety of the roads and that they will be open and free to drive the container to Ohilang.

    God is providing for the future

    These hands make delicious stuff

    I praise God for his provision in bringing Carol safely to Kenya and Sudan to help me with the Kindergarten. God provided her passport that had gone missing in the processing as well as a VISA and all the finances that she needed to join me for these months. We spent the weekend baking crunchies and muesli for Sudan. Jan and Johnny also returned with me but will be working with the Matusik family. I am also very excited that, after much prayer, Daniel Zobel has decided to join my new project in Ohilang together with Clayton who is raising support in America at this time.

    NEWS – April 2011

    The Container house project begins!

    But thanks be to GOD who gives us victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.

    “Therefore my beloved brethren, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that your labour is not in vain in the Lord.” (1 Corinthians 15:57-58)

    Muscle power

    The magic begins

    Window on our world


    Praise the Lord the container that I was waiting for from Germany finally arrived and all it’s contents were distributed to various DIGUNA stations and projects. Then began the big task of off loading the container outside the workshop for Willi and his team began. Then Daniel helped cutting the doors and windows out.
    During this time I was in Germany and Austria speaking in churches and organisations about my work in Sudan. I shared about my new project in Ohilang, and specifically about the container house that we are preparing for me to use when I live in Ohilang.
    I was told I would need to raise about 5000 Euro for it to be converted into an equipped house, plus 2500 Euro for transporting it to Sudan. Praise God He led many people in Germany to help contribute and about 4500 Euro’s was given. Thank you for everyone’s prayer and support.

    Jesus has the victory!

    This last April month was also a time to remember the life and death of Martin who died two years ago. It was good to be with the Bezold family to remember the good times we had with him. I spoke in various churches about the work in Sudan and my testimony included what we lived through when Martin had cancer and how God carried him and then comforted me. I was reminded again in a church in Bremen that death has no victory or sting because Jesus is the victor over death. I had a lot of joy this month thinking again how free from cancer Martin is and how happy he must be in heaven because he had such a wonderful relationship with Jesus. At the same time I have joy that the life he lived continues to be a testimony and that I have been able to continue the work the Lord has set before me in Sudan.

    Moving forward

    In the next weeks I will be in Kenya organising supplies for the container house and painting it. I am grateful for Jan and Johnny who have been living in my Sudan house during this time. I had prepared all the lessons and exams for Jan and Johnny to do for me. From what I have heard they have done a great job in continuing the work while I have been away. The Primary school in Sudan has closed for school holidays and the Secondary school is writing its exams and will also be having their school holidays soon. Therefore it made good sense to remain in Kenya for this time preparing things for the container house. I am very grateful for Willi who has worked hard on this project and for the support of his wife Maggi.

    A Wedding!



    I had the joy and privilege of being part of the wedding of my very good friend. We have prayed together for many years for God to provide us with a marriage partner who loves the Lord. God heard our prayers and Maria is now the wife of a wonderful godly man named Justin Hill.

    Thank you, as always, for your prayers and support.

    APRIL – Praise

  • Thank God for the safe arrival of the container
  • Praise Him for Willi who has volunteered to help build the container house.
  • Praise Him for his protection during all my travels to various churches
  • Thank Him for the overwhelming support I received from various people and churches for this new project.
  • Praise Him that I remained healthy and clear of malaria during this time.

  • NEWS- December 2010

    Birth of a nation

    “All the ends of the world shall remember and turn to the Lord. And all the families of the nations shall worship before You. For the kingdom is the Lord’s and He rules over the nations.” (Psalm 22:27-28)

    This was and is my prayer as I left Sudan that the people of Sudan will turn to the Lord and remember Him at this time. It was very emotional for me to leave the village I am living in Lopit , South Sudan. Everyone asked me as I was walking down the path in how many weeks I would be coming back. I could not tell then because I do not know. Most mission organizations pulled all their missionaries out of Sudan for the referendum that is happening now.

    What is happening in Sudan?

    The truth is South Sudan has been fighting for independence from the North since the 1950’s. The last six years have been a cease fire from the civil war between the north and the south. The referendum is only for the people living and registered in the South. They have the freedom to vote for separation or unity. There are many tribes in South Sudan and many do not know how to write so the voting paper has two pictures and they can place their finger print next to the picture they want to vote for. The one picture is of two hands clasped together and the other is one hand help upwards. Most people I knew in Sudan would tell me “Viva Separation!” The main problem that could cause a war in Sudan is the oil fields in Abyei region which are on the border between the North and South. The elections began on the 9th Jan 2011 and will run for one week. According to the news and officials the results of the elections will only come out four weeks after the closing of the polls.

    The closing of the schools

    On the 10th December we had a combined closing ceremony of the Kindergarten, Primary school and Secondary school. Each of the school principals was asked to give a speech in which I gave my thanks

    to the staff who had been dedicated and faithful in teaching the children so well. I was proud to give certificate to the children and 8 children we successfully promoted to the first Primary School class. The ceremony was well attended by the chief, medical staff all teachers, men leaders, pastors and women. It was a very memorial day for us all.

    Cath’s team

    Christmas time in Sudan is very special time for me as many people are bringing in their harvest from the fields and we had good rainfall 2010. We are thankful to God that all families had a good harvest and have food for their families for the coming year. During this time most people are in the villages and it is a wonderful opportunity for evangelism. Clayton and I had made a Moses film in the Lopit language, with song and dance and all the traditional keys that would help them to understand God better.

    So we showed the Moses film as a tool to convict them of the false gods they are following and then we showed the Jesus movie in Lotuho language which they all understand. The team were an incredible support, each one playing a vital role as we travelled by foot or by car from village to village presenting the films. Clayton and Daniel travelled with pastor Beda and a bible student Oghisa from Ohilang went by foot to villages to the West of Ohilang. Myself, Andre, Susanne and Lisa used my car and showed the films in other villages to the east of Ohilang. In total we showed the films 10 times. Please pray that the seeds sown in this time will remain and will flourish while we are away.

    Below is a picture of the Andre, Lisa and Susanne who helped carry all the film equipment from village to village.

    The team also helped in practical ways. Andre removed a section of roof frame that was completely eaten by termites and built a new frame to support my roof. The ladies took over in the kitchen and they were such a blessing. Susanne is a children’s nurse and she was able to help treat a serious eye infection of a boy named “Imiri” in the village. Lisa loves to teach so she spent time in my garden teaching the girls. I thank God for each of them and the time we spent together in Sudan over Christmas and New Year. Daniel and Clayton were able to drive my car out of Sudan to the DIGUNA base in Nairobi. Praise God they went across the border with no problems. There were a number of mechanical problems along the way so it is good that it is now in Nairobi and the DIGUNA men will service it and have it in good order when I return. I am very grateful for their help.

    Cath’s future plans – are in Gods hands

    For now I have had to leave Sudan because of the referendum and I have decided to go to South Africa in this time. It seems my body has been continually fighting malaria and we suspect that it may be in my liver or kidneys. My mum has booked me with specialist in South Africa to get this properly tested and treated. I will also continue to study theology – The Historical Books of the Bible through the South African Theological Seminary and I have major assignment hand ins on the 30th January 2011.

    I will also spend the time doing a report back of the work in Sudan in my dad’s church in Johannesburg and my church in Cape Town, Meadowridge Baptist Church. I have no dates of when I will be speaking where as I wanted to take time to sort my health out first. As soon as I have more information I will email it to all my South African friends and supporters. Around mid February I hope to return to Kenya where I will wait for my leaders to approve when it is safe to return to Sudan.

    Please continue to pray for the Lopit people, their safety and their eternal salvation as well as for me and my health.

    Thank you for your love, prayer and support